Scholarship is intended to provide financial assistance to LCMD enrolled students. This will be paid by the management of Liaquat College of Medicine & Dentistry on reviewing the status of the student which is decided by the Scholarship Committee, LCMD.

Eligibility Criteria:




1.     Shall be the student of the Liaquat College of Medicine & Dentistry.

2.     For fresh candidates merit will be considered on the MDCAT result, Matric & Intermediate results.

3.     For already enrolled students merit will be taken keeping in view the academic performance during the study year.

4.     This will be given on annual basis for a period of one year which can carry forward/ renewal on the basis of satisfactory academic performance.

5.     If the student does not perform satisfactory in academics the facility will be withdrawn.


Need Based


      1.     Orphan Students whose guardians could not afford the fee.

            2.     Parents with low income group will be assessed on the following criteria i.e.

·        Living in Rented / owner ship property.

·        Utility bills.

·        Number of dependants.

·        Siblings in the college one will be given scholarship.


Extracurricular Activities


          1.     Hafiz-e-Quran.

          2.     Outstanding in extracurricular activities (documentary evidence mandatory).

          3.     Good communication skills and leadership quality assessed by the scholarship committee.


Parents Employment Status


          1.     Teaching Employees Govt. or Private Institute.

          2.     Teaching faculty with 10 years and more experience.

·        Recommendation from Head of Institution or Hospital.

          3.     Defense Personnel.

·        Recommendation from the Authorize personnel.

From all the above categories the scholarship award will be selected and offered to Five% students. If any other special case arrive that will be adjust in the above Quota.


Strict confidentiality & merit shall be maintained in the process!