PEBS was founded in 1993 and is located in the most populated area of Karachi, i.e. North Karachi. It is a non government, not-for-profit organization. Its aim is to create awareness regarding eye related disorders, their management and prevention.

Their main focus is to produce positive perception regarding organ/eye donation and transplantation among masses.

PEBS is committed to spread general information regarding the prevention of common diseases and has successfully established itself to provide excellent medical facilities for the under privileged population in Karachi without any discrimination in reference to gender, race, color or religion. The organization focuses on providing best treatment options against preventable blindness and cornea transplantation.

The hospital also provides treatment of diabetes and obstetric / gynecological problems and dental care. This is achieved by our highly qualified doctors and who have succeeded in maintaining a conducive work environment with reference to international standards.

LCMD collaborated with this organization in 2018 in order to facilitate the medical students and provide exposure in different fields of medical and dental specialties. Simultaneously also conduct research under the supervision of qualified faculty members in order to create awareness amongst masses. Moreover motivate our community towards future preventive measures taken in order to solve various health issues.