Department of Anatomy

Anatomy forms a basis for medical career. Our faculty is clinically-anatomists, global in their perspectives and offers a platform where anatomy is taught with emphasis on clinical application in each course. Although dissection remains the main modality of study, the department has embraced IT in the instruction to undergraduate students.

At LCMD, the subject of anatomy is taught to MBBS and BDS students in depth. They learn through models, bones & specimens. Students are given exposure to microscopic slides and are given a sound training in developmental anatomy and neuroanatomy.

It enables them to pass their professional examinations with flying colors to become knowledgeable doctors in future.

Department of Biochemistry

Biochemistry is an important and rapidly growing field which encompasses the biochemical working of the cell, genetics, molecular biology, nutrition, clinical biochemistry, etiology, prevention and management of diseases.

Biochemistry is taught to MBBS 1st, 2nd professional students and BDS 1st professional students. At the successful conclusion of the session, students have the basic concept of the role of biochemistry in following two important aspects of diseases i.e. diagnosis and treatment along with medical research.

Department of General Pathology

A well established pathology Department is the backbone of any medical college and hospital. Our department has a well organized gross pathology museum comprising of over 200 gross specimens and 300 histopathology slides and a pool of transparencies of almost all important human lesions. We maintain small departmental library which has all necessary books for teaching and reference purposes. The senior faculty conducts about 14 lectures per week. Practical’s are conducted in groups by our lecturers.

We also arrange interactive sessions (tutorials) and weekly presentation by students. There is well established laboratory located at ground floor supervised by the qualified and skilled staff and provides services round the clock.

Department of Pharmacology

The department of Pharmacology is entrusted with the broad task of introducing the students to the world of clinical pharmacology and teaching the basic concept of the clinical evaluation and diagnosis before prescribing the drugs.

The department / faculty are involved in teaching the following years:
3rd year MBBS
2nd year BDS

All the above mentioned years are divided into groups for practical, tutorials for better interaction and understanding.
Our faculty is trained to conduct Power Lab Practical as well as OSPE exams.

Since 2015, Modular System is implemented for MBBS students. Term Examinations are conducted by LCMD which include OSPE and BCQS/EMQS. The 2019 will be the year of opportunities with all the support from management and faculty.

We also arrange interactive sessions (tutorials) and weekly presentation by students. There is well established laboratory located at ground floor supervised by the qualified and skilled staff and provides services round the clock.

Department of Physiology

The department has four senior teachers with a combined experience of over forty five years, it also has four junior faculty members.

The department endeavors to help students understand the various mechanisms and fundamentals to the understanding of normal and abnormal behavior of the human body during health and disease. The departmental staff is involved in teaching 1st and 2nd year MBBS students and 1st year BDS students.

Our pedagogy is a well balanced schedule of lectures, tutorials, case studies, simulations, assignments and skill sessions which enable the students to realize their potential to become successful physicians of the future. The academic staff of the department is always available for consultation and discussion outside the formal teaching sessions.

Department of Community Medicine

LCMD has made a major commitment to community oriented medical education.

Due emphasis is given on the epidemiology, Biostatics, Demography, Communicable and Non Communicable diseases ,reproductive Health Disaster management ,Nutrition, primary health care and health care delivery systems and models.

The overall objective is to develop and set up approaches for medical students to get community oriented medical training, research motivation and solves community health and related problems.

Department of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology

The department houses a number of models, specimen, radiographs and photographs as well as other teaching material for a well-guided self learning.

The education program comprises of lectures and tutorials as well as field visits. We emphasize on the practical aspects of Forensic Medicine.

Covering the theoretical and practical aspects, the department attempts to establish a sound base for toxicology.

Monthly field visits are also undertaken to major government hospitals for a comprehensive understanding of autopsy techniques and protocols for various ML cases. Students are also taken for exhumations when the opportunity arises. We hope to see you studying well and prospering.

Department of ENT

The department of oto-rhino laryngologist/ENT at Darul Sehat Hospital and SESSI is state of the art faculty, catering the needs & demands of hundreds of patients on daily basis.

The ENT department is fully equipped with all the latest equipments & performs all routine and modern surgeries, thereby increasing the exposure of students to different facets of ENT. The department also has the facility of video assisted otoscopy & endoscopies which increase patient satisfaction and also assist in the learning of students.

To promote academics in ENT department, we have departmental library and other teaching aids including audiovisual systems and seminar room. We have highly qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty members training the students in task oriented manner objectively according to the needs and demands of community.

Department of Gynaecology and Obstetrics

Department of obstetrics and gynaecology constitutes two units. Unit as SESSI Hospital constitutes labour room, pre labour ward with facilities of emergency available for 24 hours. One at Dar-ul-Sehat Hospital, where there are facilities of fully equipped labour room, pre labour ward, high dependency unit.

There is availability of 24 hours fetal surveillance by CTG, sonic aid and u/s. Both these units provide adequate exposure to medical students of obstetrical and gynecological patients, in wards, OPDs and operation theatre giving a useful aid to their clinical teachings.

Clinical teaching is conducted in the form of lectures, tutorials, bed side teachings and case discussions along with visual aids to make the students more clinically oriented.

Department of Paediatrics

Knowledge of paediatrics for a medical graduate is as important as other subjects, rather more. Our department of Pediatrics is well established at both affiliated hospitals, Dar-ul-Sehat and SESSI.

Our target is to train our graduates in a manner that they will have all the basic practical knowledge which will not only help them if they choose paediatrics as their career but also will help them to excel in General Practice and other fields of medicine. To cater their training, LCMD has highly trained teachers at all levels.

Affiliated Hospital has separate Paediatric ward, neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) with latest equipment and a big supporting library with IT system for teaching and training.

Department of Medicine

The department of medicine at Darul Sehat Hospital caters the needs of hundred of patients on daily basis. We have full time services of different subspecialties which include: Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Pulmonology, Nephrology, General Medicine, Diabetes & Endocrinology and critical care.

In the section of Gastroenterology and Hepatology we have separate endoscopy areas and providing 24 hours services for GI bleed patients. We are doing more than 1500 procedures per year of different nature and also having state of the art ERCP facilities for CBD stones and biliary obstructions. In the section of Pulmonology we are routinely doing bronchoscopoies for different indications and also performing pleural biopsies and chest tube placements on routine bases. In Nephrology we have separate area for dialysis and having 24 hour services for end stage renal disease patients.

LCMD & DSH is also accredited for post graduate training by CPSP. Presently it is the 3rd batch of post graduate students getting training in hospital. We have recognized and approved supervisors for this purpose.

Department of Surgery

Department of surgery in the college is comprised of two units, one at Landhi which is basically the main teaching unit for students of MBBS and second one in Dar-ul-Sehat Hospital, where students of BDS Clinical teaching is conducted.

Our operation theatre is fully equipped to meet international standards. Observation of operations is an integral part of clinical teaching in surgical rotation. The department includes sub-specialties and students get full urological, orthopedics and neurosurgical exposure to help transform them into future consultants.

They are encouraged to attend consultant OPDs in the morning and in the evening as well to gain practical expertise.

Department of Ophthalmology

The Department of Ophthalmology at Darul Sehat Hospital is one of the fast growing departments of LCMD. We have highly qualified senior faculty members.

The department is equipped with all necessary basic diagnostic & therapeutic equipments. The operation theatre is fully equipped with automatic high resolution microscopic & phacoemulsification machine for anterior segment surgeries.

We are able to perform all surgical procedures belonging to subspecialties, the pediatric ophthalmology, glaucoma & medical retina related procedure. The OPD is also equipped with all necessary diagnostic and therapeutic equipments. We are looking forward to make it state of the art as many types of equipments are still in the pipeline to be added to the system.