Department of Sciences of Dental Materials

The Department of the science of dental materials and dental technology contributes to the 2nd Prof BDS program. We use different teaching methods like interactive lectures, individual and group questioning, and Cooperative learning to cover the theoretical part. Regarding the practical part of dental materials and dental technology, tutorials and lab work including briefing of materials and instruments are carried out along with workshops changed problem-based learning, assignment, and other group activities.

In our department, there is a dental laboratory area, a tutorial area, and a modern furnished dental Museum. The recently inaugurated dental museum provides students the facility of viewing dental materials and instruments. We establish it in a way that all dental materials and instruments from different branches of dentistry are organized in different sections. We expect students to find our course challenging, interesting, and of prime importance as we extend our commitment to offering the best support, guidance,knowledge, and expertise.

Department of Community Dentistry

Community dentistry provides the best professional opportunities to the students byproviding health care education, through organized community efforts. For this purpose,the Department also organizes different school, field, and pharmaceutical companytrips. This helps the new students to witness different oral diseases, diagnosing dentalproblems, evaluation of the treatment plan, and treatment planning. Our Departments’motto is to reduce disparities in oral health care for minorities and deserving. Weprovide high-quality education, evaluation of preventive services, free consultations, andfree dental camps quarterly for underprivileged individuals.

Our aim is to provide health care facilities for the whole community and not just an individual. Apart from this, faculty members of the Department have research programs of their own, which encourage the students to cultivate new ideas into research papers. Our aim is to provide health care facilities for the whole community and not just an individual. Apart from this, faculty members of the department have research programs of their own, which encourage the students to cultivate new ideas into research papers.

Department of Operative Dentistry

We established the Department in 2002 to facilitate the teaching of the subject of Operative Dentistry to the students of BDS. A team of highly motivated clinicians who have achieved postgraduate and undergraduate degrees in specialized fields is available to teach and train dental students. We expose the third year and final year to a variety of restorative work giving them ample opportunities to learn and apply the skills. A subdivision of the subject is Junior Operative dentistry taught during the second year with the practical conducted on phantom heads. Our OPD is air-conditioned and well equipped with all basic and advanced facilities.

Every student and doctor work individually on a separate dental unit, yet it is large enough to accommodate group demonstrations and sit down four-handed dentistry.

The evidence of hard work, dedication, and professionalism of the staff working here is supporting the fact that the Department has been recognized for MDS and MCPS post graduate training in Operative Dentistry.

Department of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

The long affiliation of the LCMD oral surgery Department, with the CPSP, has enabled the program to fulfilled its mission in training MDS, FCPS, and MCPS to become leaders in the fields of OMFS. We hold early around 80 OTS under OMFS to aid the patient’s facial and esthetic aspects of performing major surgical procedures like RTAs, SCCs, benign and malignant cystic lesions, cosmetic surgeries, pediatric MFS cleft lip and palate, CP child, etc. The minor surgical procedures are also being performed in our maxillofacial OPD. The Department comprises 12 members, who are dedicated to clinical teachings of 3rd year and final year BDS throughout the day.

The oral surgery Department has accommodated Oral Diagnosis Department. We treat approximately 150 patients daily in the Department, which facilitates the training of residents, house officers, and undergraduate students by providing the opportunity to interact with a huge number of patients.

Department of Orthodontics

Considering Liaquat College of Medicine and Dentistry is the leading institute to provide pre and post-graduate education. The Department of Orthodontics has been spearheading the way of clinical excellence for building a strong foundation of evidence- based orthodontics.

The Department includes modern orthodontics OPD, equipped with 08 dental unit’s reception and waiting area, the fully equipped laboratory for the plasterwork, aCephalometric tracing room, and a dedicated room for residents.

Undergraduate Program

The purpose of teaching this subject at an undergraduate level is to provide students with a balanced academic and clinical experience in the domain of Orthodontics to develop comprehensive scientific competence in them. Our Department offers students opportunities to establish a general diagnosis and make a treatment plan, perform well in the research programs and independent study in the Department.

Department of Periodontology

Periodontics is a dental specialty that includes the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases of the tissues supporting the teeth. "The aim of periodontics is to help patients maintain the form, function, and esthetics of teeth as long as possible".

The entire team of the Department has a strong belief in teamwork which linked academic staff, clinical staff, students, and administrative staff to achieve the desired goal. We have a highly qualified, professionally sound, experienced, and motivated team working under the privilege of the latest equipment, technologies to deliver outstanding, comprehensive quality services in a traditional, yet modern and reassuring atmosphere. Our facilities have been specially designed for unsurpassed levels of health & safety, hygiene, comfort, and efficiency.

Department of Prosthodontics

Prosthodontics is a specialized branch of dentistry treating a wide range of patients suffering from various disabilities like loss of teeth, congenital defects & esthetics enhancement of the face.

This Department is responsible for diagnosis & treatment planning for toothless patients, impression making on jaw relation record & conclusion, relining & rebasing principles of partial denture design & mouth preparation. The enrolled students are trained through comprehensive schedules of lectures, pre-clinical classes & chair-side demonstration, and are guided to provide a wide range of treatment. This helps them in their future endeavors.

Department of Oral Biology

Oral Biology is a graduate program in basic sciences, integrated with the curriculum of First Professional year BDS. It comprises Oral Histology and Tooth Morphology.

This specialty is concerned with the study of the oral and craniofacial tissues along with the application of basic scientific knowledge to oral tissues in a healthy and diseased state. It is a full-year course that includes the study of embryology, growth, and development, coupled with details of the structure, composition, and functions of cells, tissues, and organs of the oral cavity.

We have equipped the laboratory with microscopes for visualizing histological sections of oral tissues, along with tooth models to further enhance their skills in the identification of individualteeth.

Department of Oral Pathology

The aim of our Department is to establish the diagnostic and investigative skills of dental students in such a way that they could easily investigate, diagnose and manage various OralPathological conditions throughout their dental career through evidence-based research.

Department of Oral Medicine

Oral Medicine has generally been defined as that discipline within dentistry that deals with the diagnosis and non-surgical treatment of diseases of the oral cavity and the oral manifestations of systemic diseases. Oral radiology uses ionizing radiation in diagnosis and therapy. The subject of Oral Medicine & Radiology is taught during the 3rd year of BDS. Our aim is to acquaint the students with the subject and teach how to, as future clinicians, independently make a case report, integration of the oral and systemic signs and symptoms, making a diagnosis using various investigative procedures including radiotherapy, and planning theindividualized treatment for the patient.