Health Insurance

Employees after confirmation of their services are eligible for health insurance and will be issued cards from Human Resources Department. The insurance covers outdoor medical coverage to all employees’ dependants that includes parents and children (age below 18).

Day Care Center

The LCMD Daycare Centre strives to provide employees with loving and secure care for their children. LCMD recognizes the challenges faced by working parents regarding childcare. Therefore, by having a daycare centre in the facility we hope to relieve our employees of their concern for children during their hours of work. The staff members at the LCMD Daycare Centre are trained so they understand each child’s needs and nurture his growing skills accordingly.

Faculty Lounge

The spacious faculty lounge is located at the center of the campus, and forms the hub of social interaction among faculties. The faculty lounge can accommodate 50 people at a given time; the seating arrangement and extra space available provide a comfortable environment for faculty to unwind and relax, while enjoying snacks, beverages, and lunch during breaks in between their classes and free time.